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Some health problems are just plain bad luck. But many health problems today are down to lifestyle – the way we live.

We all know the basics of what we should do to look after our health – don’t smoke, go easy on the cakes and alcohol, eat plenty of fruit and vegetables, exercise regularly, get enough sleep and remember to floss regularly. In theory these are things you can control but how about in practice?

If living healthily were easy, nobody would struggle with giving up smoking, losing weight or going out for a run. But they do struggle and no wonder – old habits die hard, especially when you try to change them on your own. New habits need time and energy and enduring motivation to take root. They need practice.

Most people would like to sort out at least one of these areas in their life:

  • Losing weight
  • Stopping smoking
  • Getting fitter and stronger
  • Sleeping better
  • Having more energy

It can be more effective and more fun with a coach to help you create new healthy habits. You will be surprised what a lasting difference it can make.

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On the face of it you may have everything you need to feel positive about yourself and about life. We live lives of unprecedented comfort and ease. We have constant affordable access to food, drink, water, clothing, heating, light, travel, communication, entertainment, health care and a lot more.

Yet just like millions of adults round the world you are likely to experience bouts of negative feelings such as stress, tension, anxiety and/or depression. In fact the World Health Organisation regards depressive disorders as “a leading direct cause of the global disease burden” (source). In the UK, between 8% and 12% of the population experience depression in any year (source).

There are plenty of quick fixes such as “retail therapy”, “self-medication” with food, alcohol or drugs, watching a lot of TV or surfing the Internet for hours. You may have tried some of them. The trouble is they don’t work for more than a few minutes. In fact they make you feel worse in the long term.

If you are like most people you would like to sort out at least one of these issues:

  • Feeling tense or stressed
  • Feeling overwhelmed – never getting on top of things
  • Feeling worried or anxious
  • Lack of fun and enjoyment
  • Compulsively doing things to distract yourself
  • Self-criticism, self-doubt
  • Feeling isolated

It’s hard to overcome them on your own, and hard to find others who can help out. Other people tend to be bluntly unhelpful (“get over it”, “stop moaning”, “pull yourself together”), pushy (“you should do X”) or mushy (“you poor thing”). There’s a world of difference between chatting with well-intentioned other people, and getting to the heart of things with a skillful coach.

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Who wants to live a meaningless life, like a zombie? They look like humans but they’re not. They’re lost souls rushing around brainlessly. They have uncomfortable parallels with the lives millions of us live.

You may not be interested in finding out the meaning of life. But how about feeling that your work and your life mean something to you and maybe to others too? Many people get a decade or two into their working life when they realise that they’re just cranking the handle, running on a treadmill and going through the motions without really meaning it.

Sooner or later you will face at least one of these issues in your life:

  • Loss of motivation
  • Feeling that what you do doesn’t matter
  • Working just for the money
  • Boredom

Can you really (re)connect with what makes your life vivid, vibrant and meaningful? Get in touch and find out. >> In the first session (no charge) you will experience the power of talking with a person who really tunes in to you. You will get a taste of how much fun it is to take charge of your life.

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