Following a fascinating coaching session with Stuart, I have learned how to recognise the impact that my thoughts and feelings have on my body, and he has helped me to develop simple strategies that will really enable me to be more productive. I highly recommend you contact him to explore how he can help you!

Jane Hatton

Founder and Director, Evenbreak

TL;DR - Book Stuart he’s great at this.
Still here? Excellent, I think you’ll like this - Embodied Coaching is a new philosophy to help you understand how to listen to all the parts of you in the decision making process. After a 70 minute session with Stuart I fully understand the message being communicated to me and it wasn’t what I thought! Instead of holding myself back, I left the session energised and with a clear pathway to understanding how I make decisions and how to interpret the messages I am getting. I highly recommend an Embodied Coaching session so that you can reconnect with yourself.

Sarah Arrow

Owner / Manager, Sark eMedia

“Stuart’s coaching is smart, attuned, professional and at the same time very creative and generous. He goes to the heart of the matter in a graceful and skillful way. Stuart doesn’t shy away from holding a client accountable and that was essential for me–and he moves well between very deep, very meaningful–and sometimes potentially emotional for the client–thoughts and the joy of metaphor and embracing all aspects of yourself. He is very good at dealing with issues linked to professional resilience and making sure that however engaged your mind is, the body is its essential accomplice.”

Laurence Borde

Founder+ Chairman , Media Tree Group

“Stuart Harris is a superb mentor, support and coach. he is an excellent listener, effortlessly pulls out the key points and helps me crystallise my own thoughts. he is such a genuine pleasure to work with.”

Naomi Troni

Chief Global Growth Officer, Lowe and Partners Worldwide

“Stuart is an excellent career coach. A good listener and easy to open up to, he helped me clarify my goals, identify my key skills and strength areas and recommended productive activities that helped me reach my end goal.”

Leah Krukowski

Associate Director, Market Research Immuno Oncology, Bristol-Myers Squibb

“Stuart has coached me in 2004 and I was very impressed. He gave me space to explore the issues in the way that worked best for me, he asked insightful questions, and I felt he really worked with me to achieve my outcomes. I recommend him wholeheartedly.”

Jeremy Cassell

Managing Director, RTPC Ltd

“Stuart has a unique ability (In my experience anyway). He quickly absorbs a brief and then through focused questions is able to enhance the communication process. He picks up on the strategic objectives and ensures that these are met in a clear and constructive way.

He has a wealth of knowledge on a range of subjects yet only ever mentions these in context. I love the way he can take what would be a personal analogy for me to help reinforce an observation and to make it even more memorable.

Stuart has high integrity and works to deadlines. He had never let me down (nor I suspect anyone else)”

Mark Lee

Speaker, mentor, facilitator

“Stuart focusses on the specific needs of each individual. His approach creates a uncluttered space where ideas can develop. He has equipped me with some valuable tools for improvement. Stuart has the experience and credibility to get results. I find his approach to be highly effective.”

David Cross

Senior Project Manager, Vodafone Group Technology