The experience of the past few months has confirmed yet again that it’s hard to maintain sustained attention.  And it’s proving particularly hard to write about it regularly, even though it’s something that’s very often on my mind.

One factor is that I read a lot of blogs and articles on the Internet.  The ones I return to are  the good ones that are well considered and well written.  They have become my standard of reference.  They set the bar pretty high, and my occasional half-formed thoughts are dwarfed by comparison.  As I venture to trace a line of thought in words, a voice pops up unbidden and asks: So what?

Another factor is an insight from meditation.  It’s a practice of bringing one’s wandering attention back to a point of focus again and again.  Attention wanders off and gets lost time after time after time.  So it can all feel pretty pointless, spending however long it is with your mind wandering this way and that.  But that’s the point. Attention will wander, and learning to notice and bring it back gently is practice of meditation.

So I guess the learning from both the So What? inhibitor and from meditation is simple.  JFDI.