Nuggets in Nutshells

Your habits build your life

Your habits are the building blocks of your life. It may take years for the value of good habits and the cost of bad ones to become clear. So pay attention to them sooner rather than later

What, Why, How and Who

WHAT you do matters.
WHY you do it may matter more. WHY is about your motivation. Your purpose. It's WHY that makes an activity feel meaningful.
The way you do it - the HOW - probably matters even more.
Because HOW you do things permeates every instant and every action and ultimately builds WHO you are - the way you habitually show up in the world, whatever you do.
Whether or not you know WHAT and/or WHY, pay attention to your HOW.

An attitude of gratitude

Cultivating an attitude of gratitude makes life sweeter for you and for everyone round you. So I thank you for reading these words and weighing them up

Anticipation beats realisation

My gran used to say “anticipation is better than realisation”. James Clear says your brain has far more neural circuitry for wanting rewards than for liking them. Same idea, poetry vs prose.