Nuggets in Nutshells

Pressure makes diamonds

“A diamond is just a lump of coal that did well under pressure” – not literally true 🙂 but still a graphic image to cut though and make a hard point #metaphor #clarity

Exercise can be risky

The biggest risk of exercising too much is that is can ruin your relationships.
The biggest risk of exercising too little is not being around long enough to enjoy your relationships.

You don’t know until you do

The more awareness you can bring to bear on any action, the more feedback you get from the experience, and the more naturally you learn what works best. There is no substitute for learning from experience. You don't know until you do.

Between impulse and action

Freedom is found in the space between impulse and action. One of the many benefits of meditation is becoming better able to notice thoughts and urges as they arise - attention clarity