Nuggets in Nutshells

Exercise can be risky

The biggest risk of exercising too much is that is can ruin your relationships.
The biggest risk of exercising too little is not being around long enough to enjoy your relationships.

The body thinks

Disregarding the body amounts to neglect of the mind, because the two are inseparable. They are two aspects of a whole. Disregarding the body reduces our intelligence and range of thinking.

Anticipation is better than realisation

My gran used to say “anticipation is better than realisation”. James Clear says your brain has far more neural circuitry allocated for wanting rewards than for liking them. The same idea, poetry vs prose. attention mindfulness

Dare to experience Discomfort

Pay attention to what you avoid because you find it uncomfortable.
Do something you find uncomfortable every day.
Otherwise your comfort zone will shrink and become your prison